Risk Management Assistant

Job Ref: Risk Management Assistant - Local
Location: Makati, Manila


  1. 1.Implement strategy, by compiling spreadsheets or data and other related information.
  2. 2.Monitor or analyze member's data and statements to determine the degree of risk involved.
  3. 3.Identify and analyze areas of potential risk to the assets for the success of the organization.
  4. 4.Conduct statistical analysis to quantify risk, using statistical analysis software and econometric models.
  5. 5.Gather risk-related data from internal or external resources.
  6. 6.Assist to contribute and to develop the risk management systems.
  7. 7.Produce reports and presentations that outline the findings, must explain the risk positions and must know how to recommend changes.
  8. 8.Generate using computer programs, to evaluate member's transactions status.
  9. 9.Prepare report that includes the degree of risk involved.
  10. 10.Review individual or commercial member files to identify and select the high risk of profile accounts for actions.
  11. 11.Support other units in ensuring operations risks are minimized.  


  1. 1.Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's/College Degree in Applied Mathematics, Actuarial Science/ Applied Statistics or equivalent.
  2. 2.Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.
  3. 3.Applicants must be willing to work in Makati City.
  4. 4.Strong analytical and organizational skills.
  5. 5.Proficient with Excel, PowerPoint and RMIS database and a stable work history.
  6. 6.Highly motivated and a keen interest working with figures.
  7. 7.Able to multi-task in a fast-paced environment.
  8. 8.Ability to cope under pressure.


  • Working Hours:
  • 9 Hours
  • Rest Day:
  • 2 RD in a week
  • Dress Code:
  • Business Attire - Weekdays
  • Casual Attire - Weekends