Customer Service Assistant

Job Ref: Customer Service Assistant - Telugu/Kannada
Location: Makati, Manila


  1. 1.Handles all members’ queries/complaints via Live Chat, social media and other company communication tools in the specific language market.
  2. 2.Perform telemarketing or call to establish good relationship with existing and new member
  3. 3.Promotes products and provide quality services to achieve market dominance;
  4. 4.Identify clients with specific needs and forward their concerns to the appropriate department, supervisor or manager.
  5. 5.Monitor members reactions and competitors activities through daily/weekly reports and submit to immediate superior;
  6. 6.Assist the marketing team to disseminate promotion information, persuade members to participate and encourage higher activities via live chats / phone or email communication process.


  1. 1.Must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in any field
  2. 2.Must be computer literate
  3. 3.Proficiency in English and Telugu/Kannada both verbal and written. This is required for our Indian Customer.
  4. 4.At least 1 year’s experience in customer service in any field.
  5. 5.Pleasant personality and service oriented
  6. 6.Able to work shifting schedule
  7. 7.Able to handle demanding customers professionally
  8. 8.Able to handle work pressure


  • Working Hours:
  • 9 Hours
  • Rest Day:
  • 6 RD in a month
  • Dress Code:
  • Business Attire - Weekdays
  • Casual Attire - Weekends